What is Natron (Soda)?

Natron or Soda, commonly known under the name sodium bicarbonate (also known as sodium hydrogen carbonate, NaHCO3), is a carbonated salt.

It occurs as a natural mineral called Nahcolith, but can also be obtained from a sodium carbonate solution via reaction with carbon dioxide, CO2. Natron/ Soda comes as a white, crystalline powder, which has been found usage in different fields for a long time.

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Regarding the chemical behavior, Natron decomposes to sodium carbonate (Na2CO3), carbon dioxide and water (H2O), if heated above 50 degrees celsius. If brought into contact with acids, sodium bicarbonate decomposes, whereby gaseous CO2 originates. The potential application areas of sodium bicarbonate extend over a wide range, i.a. in the food technology, household, agriculture, in swimming pools, as a pH regulator and to neutralize odors and acids (and acid solutions). Natron has also been used as a water softener and in seawater aquaristics.

A lot more application fields of this compound are described in the literature, which can be found throughout the internet and in several published books.