FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Every day, we get a lot of questions from our customers regarding our products and our service. On this page, we give answers to the most frequently asked ones. If your question does not appear here, feel free to contact us via telephone or email, so we can add the question to this page.

1. What is the purity of the offered DMSO?

Our DMSO comes in a very high grade of over 99,9%. It is a colorless liquid at room temperature and almost completely odorless (which is very rare).

2. Do you ship worldwide?

We ship all of our products only within Europe, both EU countries and Non-EU countries. At the moment, we do not ship worldwide.

3. My DMSO arrived in a solid state. Why is that and what can I do?

One of DMSO's natural properties is it's freezing point of 18 °C (64.4 °F). So it is absolutely normal that DMSO arrives in a frozen, solid state especially during the cold months (which are normally between October and April/March in most parts of Europe). In this case, you can put your DMSO bottle in a warm water bath or next to a radiator - the substance will quickly become liquid again (defrost) and is then ready to be used.

4. Do I have to pay for every single order?

You only pay one shipping fee, no matter how many articles you have put into your shopping cart. 

5. I am a reseller. Can I order larger quantities?

For customers and resellers who need bigger quantities of our products we offer special quotations. In this case, please contact us (by email or phone) and tell us about your wishes and details of your order. For bulk orders of certain amounts, we also offer free shipping within Europe.

6. Your company is based in Germany. Do you also have a German online shop?

Yes, we also have a German online store. You are very welcome to visit it at DMSO-shop.de. The language is in German - of course, you can translate it into your language with most internet browsers. We also have an ebay shop with 100% positive reviews, which you can find here.

7. Where can I find your return policy?

You can find our refund policy unter the following link: Return policy.

8. Which payment methods do you offer in your online shop?

We offer a large variety of payment methods. Please visit our payment options site for more details on your payment options.

9. Do you have an ebay store?

Yes, we also sell our products on ebay. You can find our ebay store here.