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Water Purification - Product Information

Product Information

The sodium chlorite solution 25% offered in this online shop is equipped with a screw cap (including dropper insert) with a child safety lock in accordance with ISO standard 8317. In addition, a tactile hazard notice is attached to each bottle.

When mixing the liquid components sodium chlorite (25% solution) and citric acid (50%) / hydrochloric acid (4%), the biocidal active ingredient chlorine dioxide (CDS) is formed.

The offered chlorine dioxide solution 0.3% (ready-to-use solution) is also equipped with a screw cap (including dropper insert) with child safety lock in accordance with ISO standard 8317.

Regulatory information

Chlorine dioxide is approved for the following applications:

  • Disinfectants for the food and feed sector
  • Disinfectants for private use
  • Drinking water disinfectants
  • Hygiene in the veterinary field

Use biocides with care. Always read the label and product information before use.

Notification of a biocidal product according to ChemBiozidMeldeV:

BAuA Reg. No.: N-68078

BAuA Reg. No.: N-80825

BAuA Reg. No.: N-85048

From 01.09.2015, the European Biocidal Products Regulation EU 528/2012 requires that only active substances for the production of biocidal products be used whose manufacturer/supplier is included in the list according to Art. 95 of the Biocidal Products Ordinance for the product type or product types, to which the product belongs is listed.

The manufacturer of the sodium chlorite solution offered in this online shop is listed in the abovementioned list. The manufacturer is listed, inter alia, for the following uses: Sodium chlorite solution for the manufacture of the active substance chlorine dioxide (CAS 10049-04-4) PT5 - Drinking Water.

Instructions for storage

Store in a dry, light-protected place at room temperature. Do not expose to direct sunlight.

Keep out of reach of children.

Shelf life: 2 years.